About Op-Posts

Only just from curiosity, I created this blog and posted only news, published in different newspaper. As an development observer, each day I watched the national and global activities of governments, policy makers, think tanks, media and organisations to know the development policy and practices specially mission, vision, trends, types and objectives. Before creating this blog, I preserved this news in my personal database for making it available to me while these are needed. The database helped me more for developing my sense in the specific issues. I provided the data to my friends and colleagues while they asked for preparing a news articles or policy briefing. The blog gave me the opportunity to increase the availability of information for others who are known or unknown to me. For this purpose, I posted the articles, news and views in this blog which I read regularly to watch the public policy and development practices.


Working in this blog about two year, I felt to add a section where I would justify my understanding on different issues. For this purpose I added a menu named `Op-Posts’ in this blog, hoping to post my own observation on posted news, views and articles for creating a vibrant discussion and debate among the readers of this blog.

The readers of this section are requested to provide feedback on the observations published in this section.


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