City dwellers face water crisis despite steps by lawmakers

Shawkat Ali Khan

Residents of different areas in the city said they were facing acute shortage of water despite various steps taken by local lawmakers.
   Asaduzzaman Khan, lawmaker for Dhaka-11 constituency, and Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin, lawmaker for Dhaka-7 constituency, on Wednesday acknowledged the facts, saying that water crisis was on in some areas of their constituencies.
   ‘I have taken an initiative to install three pumps in my constituency to resolve water crisis,’ said Asaduzzaman.
   ‘Two of the pumps will be set up at ward 54, 55 and another at Nakhalpara,’ he said, adding that the pumps would be installed within two months.
   ‘We will also sit with the LGRD and cooperatives minister, Syed Ashraful Islam, on April 20 to discuss on next course of action,’ he said.
   About frequent power outages during water lifting, Khan said, ‘The government has already taken a move to buy 200 generators for lifting water during load shedding.’
   ‘I hope that the generators will help the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority to extract water,’ he said.
   Fearing mass demonstrations by city dwellers, the members of the parliament held a meeting with the LGRD and cooperatives minister on March 11 and decided to take immediate measures to mitigate the water crisis.
   ‘People are facing serious troubles as they get water with bad smell. Moreover, the flow of supply water is very poor and erratic power supply also adds to the problems,’ said Mohiuddin.
   He alleged that the past governments did nothing to deal with the water and power crises.
   When asked whether he has taken any steps to mitigate the problems, he said, ‘I have already completed necessary tasks to resolve the problems.’
   A house owner, who lives in Mirpur area said, ‘We face water crisis every year. Our representatives assure us of tackling the crisis but they do a little in resolving it.’
   ‘Although the supply of water starts in late evening, frequent power outages disrupt the supply. Even we do not get water every day,’ said the owner who rented his nine flats.
   Tenants mostly service holders often go out of their flats to join their work without taking bath due to crisis of water, he said, adding that if water crisis continues day after day, it is not possible for him to manage them.

Source: The Daily New Age, 16 April 2009


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