UN Millennium Campaign hails MDG pledge at G20 meet

United News of Bangladesh . Dhaka

The UN Millennium Campaign has welcomed the recommitment from G20 leaders to the Millennium Development Goals and the needs of the world’s poorest.
   The Campaign also welcomed the ‘massive resources’ pledged by G-20 leaders to developing countries — in both recommitments to previous aid commitments and new pledges.
   In a statement the Campaign said the $1.1 trillion that the G20 Summit announced would help prevent further backsliding of the world economy — and thus help mitigate further negative impact of the crisis and the reversal of MDG achievements.
   It said appropriate and timely measures will ensure that commitment to the MDGs, particularly the pledge to reduce hunger and poverty and ensure employment will not be compromised.
   Additionally, it will revive the consumption power of people at the Bottom of the Pyramid thereby expanding the market and boosting domestic economy.
   The Campaign strongly supports the decision to allocate $50 billion for social protection programmes and $6 billion to the poorest countries over the next 2-3 years and the commitment to reverse and prevent protectionism and any new multilateral trade deal that will genuinely achieve the MDGs.
   ‘We also welcome the explicit support to an inclusive and effective multilateralism. It is also good news that the structural causes of poverty, inequality and climate injustice are likely to be addressed through the charter for sustainable economic activity and reviewing the debt sustainability framework,’ the statement said.
   It said the key challenge now was for governments to monitor the commitments made back in their own countries and be accountable to their citizens on their commitments to spending on poverty alleviation, education and healthcare.
   ‘The people should stand up by pressing their respective governments and leaders to continue their efforts for achieving the MDGs’, said Minar Pimple, deputy director, Asia, Millennium Campaign.
   However, the Campaign cautioned that donors also needed to live up to the commitments they made in Paris and Accra to urgently improve aid effectiveness.

Source: The Daily New Age, 05 April 2009


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