Area-wise poverty map suggested to eradicate the curse

Economist Dr Atiur Rahman yesterday urged the government to consider introducing an area-wise poverty mapping for proper distribution of wealth. “A poverty map can help eradicate poverty better,” Rahman told a workshop on “Steps needed for empowering ultra-poor women” at the Cirdap in Dhaka. He said the intensity of poverty differs for various areas. So wealth, such as for the 100-day programme, has to be distributed on the basis of intensity of poverty, he added.

Anneshon, a non-governmental organisation, organised the workshop in collaboration with Manusher Jonno Foundation. Former adviser to the caretaker government Sultana Kamal moderated the discussion, also addressed by other women leaders Ayesha Khanom, Momtaz Begum and Segufta Yasmin Emily MP. Sharifa Naznin, coordinator of Anneshon, presented a paper at the discussion.

Atiur Rahman said poverty has many facets. A crisis of money is not the only reason behind poverty. He said women in Bangladesh are poorer than their male counterparts.

Momtaz Begum asked the government to formulate laws to implement the national women policy. She hoped the political parties would show their willingness to take forward the country’s womenfolk.

Ayesha Khanom said women organisations have to develop their network to help the government implement the direct election of 100 seats for women. In her paper, Sharifa Naznin mentioned women are tortured most in their families in Bangladesh. Women from various parts of the country attended the workshop and shared their experiences.

Source: The Daily Star, 31 March 2009


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