Trans-Boundary Waters: Sharing Water, Sharing Opportunities

On 22 March, each year The World Water Day is observed. This year 5th World Water Forum is holding at Istanbul during this time. The data shows, about 70 percent of earth is water, but only only 2.5 percent only freshwater for 6.4 billion world population.

Reseachers, Academician, Parliamentrians, Ministers and practioners around of the world will gather at World Water Forum at Istanbul and millions of people around of the world will observe this day as usual demanding to share the water resources for human being. Sounds good!

 Many of them including UN warns that the next World War will be held due to water crisis. I got this message at my childhood and thought, it is a rhetoric. How it possible? There was no answer then, but I have it now while I found, man could not think to live without commercialised bottle water. It is a part of our present lives. After all, health first!

Most of the development practitioners of neo-liberal economy suggests the government to hand-over services sector to private. Although there have controversy, but the government is going to implement it day by day. How! Look at WASA. Wow, it is corrupted! should be privatised! what is the profit to feed up these corrupted people? Great loss of public money!

Your opinion and experiences towards WASA will expedite the privatisation process of state services in this way! And day is coming, you have to buy every littre of water from private companies. How much you would have to allocate for buying water! Just calculate, 1 littre water in now at Tk.20. You need total minimum 100 littre per day. So, you need only more Tk. 2000 per day for buying water for your household. Impossible! Is it?

This is practical, we have to face it, not for scarcity of water; due to commercial uses of water only for profit. Mind it! The wind is blowing toward the way. So, observe the World Water Day this year and take a oath that you will do something to stop privatisation of public services including water.

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