Women and Men United: To End Violence Against Women and Girls.

On the day in 1857, female workers of a sewing factory in New York got into a fight with the police while protesting a 12 hours of work in a day, low pay and unhealthy condition at workplaces. Later, the day was declared International Women’s Day during the second International Socialist Women’s Conference in Copenhagen in 1910 following a proposal by German Socialist Movement leader Klara Jetekin.

This is the history which would be read today worldwide, in Bangladesh also; although the senerios are worsen in Bangladesh than 1857 . Breaking the silence, the poverty striken poor women has come to industrial sector, particularly in Ready made garment sector, where they works dawn to dusk; 12 to 16 hours only in each day, 7 days in a week.  Weekly Holiday, yes! they get it. But not in the pick export period. They get it, not only holidays, they get whole week holiday with fixed limited salary, must be less than monthly salary. But it is then when the factory have not any order to export in non-pick session. How good the senerios is!

Descrimination and harrasement are the integral part of the women workers  irrespective of workplaces, societies, families and state. But we each year, observe the international women day with diffirent theme as like this year, Women and Men United: To End Violence Against Women and Girls. Yes! We should go together to end violence to Women and Girls. But what was the theme of International Women Day, what for we observe it every year? Has we acheived the primary goals and objectives of this day? If we did not achieve this, then why we set another goals and objectives? 

If you ask the 1.8 million of working women of ready made garment sector, what is the basic problem? They will reply, wage, wage and wage! Then descrimination. Then working hour! Then Holiday! Then … … … then voilence, although the women workers are more sufferers of violence than other women in every sphere of social life.

Changing the theme without solving the issues, it is  a trap which occurs from patriachal techniques. So, before making a fashion to observe the day, we should take responsibilities to solve the problem, male and female together.    



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