Youth Vision 2020 Towards Building

Youth Vision 2020 Towards Building, edited by Sachidananda Satapathy. New Delhi, Serials Pub., 2007, xxii, 254 p., tables, $45. ISBN 81-8387-075-9.

“The whole book is a compilation of more than forty insightful papers written by young people of this country and supplemented by people of eminence. All have drawn  a line map regarding how to go about from this point to the development of this country. As young people of today are the sensible citizens of tomorrow, it has become necessary to conceptualise such project of youth vision 2020, giving them voice and make their participation strong in nation building process. This project will certainly inspire other youngsters whose role the country need in its development process. The country needs badly young people’s involvement in its day-day-affairs, which is lacking till date and their apathetic attitude to any burning issue is making our country weak. This project helped many bright young people to think deeply their country and their people and above all future and at least gather some dream to realize. The ideas gathered in the book are incredible and if practised can make this country a place, where everybody can have a choice of their own. The book is a must reading for all development practioners, political leaders, students, academicians, and above all, anybody having some sense, deep concern and empathy for India’s progress.” 

Prodip Roy from Bangladesh has written an article in this Book. Please collect this book and know the vision of youth people of South Asia. Please visit:


Contents: About the contributors. Foreword-I/Padma Bhushan and R.A. Mashelkar. Foreword-II/Poonam Ahluwalia. Preface/Sachidananda Satapathy. 1. Findings from youth vision: an introductory visualisation/S. Satapathy. 2. Towards zero hunger/Devinder Sharma. 3. A nation rooted in spirituality/Sridhar Rajagopalan. 4. Area of immediate intervention for building India 2020/Rajender Dichpally. 5. Advancing the frontiers of human development: young Indians lead the way/Ankita Handoo. 6. Billion dreams and eternal thoughts-India/Arjun Muralidharan. 7. Building an India of our choice/Bibek Debroy. 8. Empower people, transform India/John Samuel. 9. Youth, India and the year 2020/Kamala Sarup. 10. Questioning development: the development paradigm/Sanat Mohanty. 11. Liberalization of the Indian education system/Vardan Kabra. 12. Political vision for India/V. Krishna Ananth. 13. Preparing youth for nurturing democracy and peace/Motilal Sharma. 14. Mainstreaming and managing adolescents resource: key to India’s success/Ritu Mathur. 15. Brand India and create knowledge society/Ujjwal K. Chowdhury. 16. Social infrastructure of India: education and training/Krishan Khanna. 17. Perspectives on rural India 2020/Amit Kumar. 18. Vision 2020 and domestic violence in India/Nandita Saikia. 19. Growth of modern India and development cycle/Ashish Sharma. 20. Are modernising youth at crossroads? Emerging and disquieting issues/Narayana K.S. 21. A new world order for vision 2020/Krishnan Devanathan. 22. India: a non-resident perspective/Aliyah and Saarah Shivji. 23. We dream: a youth perspective on essential changes in an evolving India/Uday K.I. Rosario and Wilson K. Tauro. 24. The issue of youth unemployment: challenges, problems, and opportunities/Sachidananda Satapathy. 25. Patriotism reborn/Pooja Ratnakar. 26. How to build an India of our choice from this point?/Praphul G. 27. Seven levels of consciousness of achieving youth vision/Sushil Jain. 28. Visualizing a vision for maintaining groundwater quality in the mega cities taking experience from Bangalore city/Shashidhara H.L. 29. Stem cell research is the root of our life/G. Subbulakshmi. 30. Development through education/Anjali Patil-Gaikwad. 31. Social security and vision 2020/A. Juliet Mary and Sathappan Renganathan. 32. Youth of India–make it happen!/Rahul S. Murdeshwar. 33. Leaders of the world: a vision for South Asia/Prodip Roy. 34. Inside our threads/Neera Singal. 35. Growing into trees: YSP and seeds of peace/Claire Bennett. 36. Forms of youth suffering: issues behind and action ahead/Selene Biffi. 37. The healing of suffering/Sammy Jacobs Abbey. 38. Health of young people in India: a challenge/Akshaya Kumar Panigrahi. 39. Meeting with Dr. APJ Kalam and vision 2020: a young achiever’s perspective/Anirudh Koul. 40. Sampada Vs Sampatti/Bibek Kumar Anand. 41. Vivek Vahini: a programme for youth to achieve self-development/Prabhakar Nanawaty. 42. Youth vision 2020: a business and community perspective/Amita Joseph. 43. A paragraph to examine/M.L. Sarin.  


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