Let work for Street People

Yesterday at afternoon. The sky of Dhaka was cloudy. I was travelling with my wife around the Dhaka City riding in a rickshaw. While the rickshaw turned the Highcourt areas, my wife asked me, where the people will go if rains cats and dog! She is unknown about Dhaka City. I have no answers! In my eyes, like 20 million city dwellers, it was a normal senerio to observe these street people who have no home, they live in the street. How do they live in the street? They know well. I just know, I am poor to realise the lives. I close my eyes for while and find out a little candle to light. Light for the street people. It is possible if we keeps our hand close together. If you have such kind of hand, please extend your supports to this street people. Just burn a light for them.


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