A Poor Villeger Died

In the morning, while I just reached at Office, got a phone call, `the man died in the last late night’. What can I do, a long breath just came out; then I engaged myself in official work (Social Work???). Yesterday at morning, I received this call when the caller said, `A person having a child whose wife died before is getting heart attack. He has no sense. The villegers says, he has paralised. Somebody says, he is gotten by ghost. ETC. ETC. But nobody give him loan to take medical care. Because he is very poor to make re-payment the loan. His child is very younger to make money. So, he is just looking the sufferings of his father. If the man gets medical care, he can alive. But nobody take initiative. I am undone, because I am also poor to help this poor guys. I am feeling very sad.’ I just heard this speech over phone. The phone call came from a rural area of a district. The man died at late night. After receiving the phone call, I just said, he got releif from sufferings. Do we know, how many people died everyday due to lack of medical care. We, who live in urban areas, especially in Dhaka City have not any knowledge about poverty. But everyday, we discuss to reduce/ eradicate poverty. A lot of seminar, workshop, roundtable is being organised; Government formulate policies and policies, commitment come from global leaders. But the reality is: People died due to poverty. There is no option to escape it.


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