Gopal, My School Mate

Gopal, my school mate. We read in the same High School Together. I leave my villege in 1987 for higher study, but Gopal stays at home and obtains college degree from Local College. Now He is working in local NGOs and his monthly salary is only Tk.4200 (US$60), Only US$2 per day. It is an income of the man, who have a college degree, who was a bright student once. 

How is the income of illeterate persons, casual workers, daily labourers, who haven’t any alternative skills but only two hands? I know, the men also my neibours who earns less than US$0.50 per day. I work in the capital and every day I speak about poor people as many educated man do. But my poor neibours becomes ultra poor, live without any life.

I ask Gopal, why are you doing job only for US$2? Doing job in Micro-Credit Sector is a difficult task, but you do it easily. You can invest your talent and strength to be a self-employed person. He asks me, How? I said, You do agriculture, Vegetable Gardening, Handi-Craft, Fisheries, Flower Gardening, Organic Farming etc. He said, I have no primary capital to initiate this. I know the tradegy. A lot of my neibours live in fate. Because they have nothing to do but becoming agricultural workers.

When I was Primary School Student, I saw – the farmers  plough the lands with a pair of cow. They used the traditional plough (In Bangla Langgol-Joyal) for cultivation. The black- smith, plough makers produced the agricultural mechinaries in villege. The farmers used the cow- dung (Composed Fertilizer) to feed the land for being fertile. They preserves the seeds. Some people make baboo products which were being used to process the paddies, rices and vegetables. All of the products sold in the HAT (Market Place in Rural Area). There were a lot of profession related of agriculture. Employment diversification were exists in rural. A very few people feels need to depend on Town. I knew, a lot of people who never go in the district town. The villege were self-reliant.

When I was High School Student, I saw – the Farmers cultivated high-yeiled rice varieties like IRRI. Irrigation became popular for increasing production. Mechanical Intruments like Deep Tubewel, Shallow Machine (Water Pump), Chemical Fertilizer, Chemical Presticides came to the rural areas. Farmers used the tools and products where they have no expertise and control. Multi-national Companies (MNCs) market expanded in the villege and the MNCs took control over the farmers and secured profit. 

Agriculture related traditional employment destroyed day by day. Employment Generation in the rural areas reduced. People were becoming unemployed. A few people migrated to town for employment without any skills. Most of the time, they were descriminated due to be a simple and poor man in the urban areas. Most of the people became poor to poorer, poorer to urtra poor.

The educated people, intellegentia started to conduct reasearch and study to  find out the root cause of poverty and they were asking the people to fight poverty and hunger. The world community declared the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to halves the world poor. Everyday, In Dhaka and other cities of the globe, several seminar, workshop, discussion were being conducted to fight poverty. Billions of Dollar were invested in these purpose. But My neibours were becoming poorer to poorer and poorers.  A rural bright student like Gopal employed only for US$2 per day. But the food cost of a family now is only above US$3. They have no right to claim other necessities. We, the educated people, who are committed to transform the society for better place of living, teached them to claim the rights now. It is the tradegy of life.

When I recaped my childhood in my heart and compared it with recent time, I found this fraudary picture again and again. As a human being, what is our responsibility? To keep the world for better place of human kinds or destroying the places for becoming more and more powerful. 

Sometimes, I be vocal against the recent development practices. Development of Roads and Highways, Electricity in Rural Areas are not the development works. Establishing lingkages between Villeges and Towns, we have making people more poorer. This is the development Politics we have read the political economy of these global trends to know the real cause of poverty.

The road and highways has built to connect the villeges with towns. The expart has indentified, communication is a part of development. Who are these exparts? They are some certified economists, illelectuals; supported by World Bank, IMF and Global Financial Organisations. They have just made  knowledge from Book, they never gether knowledge from community. What is real politics? The multi-national companies want to capture the rural markets, so they want to develop communication. And they have just done it. 

We are poor people in knowledge has taken this advise without examine these with our local context and local demands. So, Gopal has no choice, but continue a poor employment. 


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