Grameen Bank


Grameen board wants Yunus-nominated MD (29 August 2012) | |Save Grameen Bank: Yunus (02 August 2012) | |Yunus faces fresh probe, fears takeover (02 August 2012) | US worried over Grameen Bank future (05 August 2012) | ‘Board will appoint Grameen Bank MD’ (06 August 2012) | US worried at govt actions on Grameen Bank:Calls for transparency in MD selection process (05 August 2012) | Mozena discusses Grameen Bank with Muhith (14 August 2012)|   ‘Threaten Dhaka to stop aid over Yunus: Ex-Ambassador William B Milam’ (15 August) | Don’t Reduce Integrity of GB: US (21 August 2012) | New Grameen Bank ordinance in force (23 August 2012) |Govt hailed for changing Grameen Bank law (24 August 2012) |Yunus instigating unwanted pressure (25 August 2012)| 

 JULY 2012

Uphold Grameen Bank’s integrity:Women US senators urge Bangladesh govt (29 June 2012)|Ershad wants Yunus to find Grameen MD   (07 July 2012)|Yunus visits Humayun’s mother  (29 July 2012) ||‘Why couldn’t Yunus form a party?’  (31 July 2012 |


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